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Upper Levels – New!

Catholic Schoolhouse strives to provide a place for the entire family. Our expanding program provides for the needs of all students, preschool through high school, at the same time and in the same location.

• We gather older students with the primary goal of interacting with one another (communication skills), growing in right thinking (logic and philosophy) and recognizing the true, good and beautiful (fine arts) because there we will find God.

• We raise the expectations for our older students to include classwork that is credit-worthy. This frees time in mom’s teaching responsibilities and gives students exposure to another teacher’s style and feedback.

• We guide students to learn to think and prepare them to express and defend their opinions, not just check a box on a curriculum checklist. We are aware that we are forming future Catholic adults, not just educating children.

• We provide community for both parents and students at this sometimes difficult stage of development. Families can enjoy group interaction with peers with similar goals and faith.

• We give families the flexibility to structure their home school to their own families needs. We can provide a spine for entire family’s learning or be a wonderful addition to the curriculum you already love.

• We include fine arts, a subject that is too often dropped with the busy life of high school. This exposure to the good, true, and beautiful is essential in forming our young adults.


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Upper Level Overview

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Suggested Credits

Upper Level Program Goals