Harford County MD

Cost to Join ~ 2018/2019

Registration : $85 per family (Early Bird Registration: $65).  Payable to Catholic Schoolhouse, Inc., a Catholic non-profit, dedicated to helping homeschoolers thrive in order to mentor each other in the faith. Due at registration.

Supply Fee: $75 per pre-grammar level child/$75 per grammar level child/$150 per upper level child. Payable to your local director. Used for high quality art, science and classroom supplies (including snack).  The upper level supply fee also covers all of the books your child will use for CSH over the course of the year. Everything will be provided saving you the time filling a school supply list. Due June 1st.

Student Fee: $250 per pre-grammar level child/$250 per grammar level child/$300 per upper level child.  Payable to your local director. Goes entirely to your child’s tutors and to cover the cost to use our facility. That’s less than $4 per hour for quality instruction, art and science projects! Due July 1st.

Facility Fee: $100-$200 (depending on the total number of families in the chapter). Payable to your local director. Pays for the insurance required by the Archdiocese of Baltimore and the portion of the cost to use our facility not covered by student fees. Due August 1st.

Tour II Core Materials: $108 per family. Purchased though the Catholic Schoolhouse store, the bundle includes the Tour Guide, Memory Work CDs and History Cards.  These materials are necessary for at-home, or in-car, study.

Payment plans can be arranged and these costs can be partially recouped by tutoring and/or participating in the CSH SCRIP program. Please contact us with any questions.